Making requesting songs easier

OiDJ! is a an app which enables any DJ to take song and shoutout requests from the audience in real-time. With the current climate of social distancing OiDJ! is the best tool for gigging DJs.

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OiDJ! has a bucket load of features to make a DJs life easier when taking song and shoutout requests.

Song requests

Take song requests from your audience via the app and manage them on your laptop/tablet.

shoutout requests

Take shoutout requests from your audience via the app and manage them on your laptop/tablet.

Real-time updates

All requests appear on your screen in real-time without having to reload the page manually.

Location based

The app uses audience members location to determine if they can request songs to a DJ.

Powerful Settings

Have control over time range of request period, limit amount of requests, change your avatar, etc.

Multiple Language

The OiDJ! portal can be displayed in multiple different languages with the click of a button.

Find songs
with a quick search.

  • Search by song title
  • Search by artist
  • Latest songs added to results as soon as released
  • Searches while typing to provide results quickly
  • Just tap song in list as to provide correct details to the DJ

Clear summary of request before submitting

  • Each detail of your request is clearly displayed for you to review before submitting it to the DJ.

  • Summary of shoutout is clearly displayed before submitting it to the DJ.

  • Song or Shoutout requests are dropped on to the DJs screen with the tap of a button.

  • Easy navigation controls allows you to go back and submit another request to the DJ.

Get Started

How OiDJ! works?

We have spent alot of time making sure that OiDJ! is quick and easy for audience members to install and start making requests.

Install the App

Install the app on to your device from either the App store or Google Play store.

Enable required settings

Enable push notifications so you are notified when your song will be played and location so we show DJs near you.

Make requests!

Search for you desired song and send it to the DJ without having to create an account or submit personal credentials.

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Our app has been designed to be clean and simple for ease of use so everyone can request their favourite song.


Unlock Full Power Of OiDJ!

OiDJ! is easy to setup and packed full of features but the best part is it's affordable! Audience members pay nothing.



  • 7 day free trial
  • Unlimited gigs
  • Technical support tickets
  • Real-time updates
  • song requests
  • shoutout requests
  • Multiple languages

Have some further questions? Contact Us

Have questions? Look here

Below is a small list of FAQs to help DJs and audience members use OiDJ!.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded and installed from the Appstore or Google Play Store for free.

Yes. Click the support link in the top right of th portal to be taken to a ticket request form where you can send us your query. We will endevour to respond as quickly as possible.

Yes! The OiDJ! membership starts with a 7 day free trial which you can cancel at anytime. Once the trial has ended we will charge you £9.99 per month starting from the 8th day of your membership.

Your information can be edited from the My Account section of the portal. You will not be able to change your username so make sure you are happy with the one you use to signup as this will be your username for the life of your membership.

In rare cases when the real time connection drops, the portal will give you an alert to let you know this has happened. simply refresh the page and the connection will come back up. If it doesn't please contact us via support.

OiDJ! is available for all devices

OiDJ! is available for all devices, the app can be downloaded from the Appstore or the Google Play Store for free. Click one of the buttons below which is most relevant to your device to be taken to the download page.

* Available on iPhone and Android devices

Contact Us

If you have any questions about OiDJ! please contact us using the form below and we will do our best to help you with your query.

You can contact us via email or any of the below social media sites. We encourage you to follow us to keep up to date with our latest features.